Inspired by the ‘The Game’ used to simulate the future of humanity and create an alternate universe for the AD role-playing game by GDW. We have taken it. AD is a science-fiction role-playing game first published by Game Designers Workshop (GDW) in as Traveller: The game in fact had little to. AD is a hard science fiction/cyberpunk role playing game created been a great source of inspiration for some of GDW’s other games).

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Both space battles and ground battles are described, with role-playing adventures and even official Star Cruiser scenarios included. Get Known if you don’t have an account. The post- Westphalian nation-state remains dominant, and most space colonies are considered the territories of various nations back on Earth, resembling the European colonial era of the 18th and 19th century.

Several centuries of human civilization can attest to the simple fact that a frontier is always a dangerous place to conduct business. The setting is an extension of the background of GDW’s Twilight: The Kafer Sourcebook also presents a complete listing of the more than 30 new stars not included on the original game map, as well as those already covered. Aurore Sourcebook contains background information on Aurore, allowing the Traveller: Now the Sandcastle housed the troops of the Fifth Foreign Legion, sent to this water world on the fringe of Earth’s expanding empire to protect the interests of Seafarms Interstellar, a powerful Terran corporation.

Virginia Starship Deck Plans in 25mm Scale.

GDW 2300 AD – the original SFRPG

Every sentient species has certain mysteries that are unknown to humans in AD and which can be unlocked through adventure and research. As he watched, a jack turret opened, and the inside began to glow red as its gcw built toward discharge. But playing bus driver turns sour.

Mankind has met with several intelligent alien civilizations, all of which are decidedly strange and non-human, from the genetically-engineered Pentapods to the reflexively bellicose Kafers. But a Bavarian built it – and he thinks he’s found a problem.


AD – Traveller: – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Lesser routes leading off the arms are called “Fingers”. The entire orbital mining station is mapped and described in detail, down to personnel and equipment. But that’s not all. Gw page uses content from Wikipedia. Now you struggle against a sinister current of events which sweeps you across the face of the Earth and into space.

What was advertised as a relaxing stint of duty is quickly becoming a nightmare.

AD (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

It is still early in mankind’s expansion into space, thus exploration has reached little beyond light years from Earth. Even now, they are just beginning a new industrial age. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Sell us your stuff? A d20 version called AD was released in late as a campaign setting for the T20 system. These aliens are mainly speculation on how a sentient being would result from a certain evolutionary path.

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Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. I was a little dismayed after purchase, 230 the background, though tantalizing, was a bit thin. France built their colony a beanstalk. One German Kommodore decided to seize the moment, determined to take a multi-national mission team from Eta Bootis to Station Arcture before the Kafers could return and before his superiors could react.

Dgw always had a tendency to rush out games, and this set is a fine example: The Kafer Sourcebook contains all information necessary for the AD referee to create campaigns and adventures involving the Kafers. No one knew when the enemy might attack again. Originally, the game was conceived as a replacement for Travellerapproaching the same space-adventure theme with more contemporary influences instead of s and s Space Opera and more rigorous rules design.

With it, the referee has a plethora of examples and precedents to use in any gdq, and the players have a reasonable idea of what their options will be on any given task. Note that the ISBN on the back of the book is incorrect, but is printed grw on the title page.

Even as assassins’ fire claimed their lives, native forces initiated a simultaneous attack on the partially completed Fifth Foreign Legion fortress. Retrieved from ” https: The Kafer Sourcebook contains all qd necessary for the AD referee to create campaigns and adventures involving the Kafers. ISBN Buy at Amazon Ships of the French Arm “Earth and its many colonies have an inherent reliance on space travel, but the nature of the ships 230 move between them varies greatly with the aad it is to perform.


The “wonder-tech” of space opera is deliberately absent, with the notable exception of faster-than-light travel. Blinking back tears, he climbed to his feet. Its fate lies not only in the hands of its armies and navies, but also in the hands of its civilian populations. Many of these worlds are being re-discovered after the resumption of interstellar travel with the end of the Shadow Centuries.

Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references All articles 22300 unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Opportunities are ripe for troubleshooters looking for work. This is your end of the turn warning. For the year AD, see 23rd century.

Now Jean-Francois is dead, a victim of forgetting Lesson 2: Ships 2300 the French Arm deals with a wide range of human designed starships, from the Bismark Class Battlecruiser to the Cargodevil merchant ship. SmithMarc W. Can you communicate with them, and can you live among them for what might be years before human rescue? One alien race, the Kafers, is bent on eradicating humanity.

Because ships need to reach a world within this distance, the effect of this limitation is the creation of lanes along which travel and commerce are conducted and along which wars are fought, the Arms mentioned above.

Aurore is a world Earthlike enough that humans can live and work in its temperate zone without being forced to resort to cumbersome survival gear or protective suits. All of these control certain extrasolar planets themselves.