Title, Metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración. Volume 75 of Alianza forma. Author, Antón Capitel. Edition, 2, illustrated, reprint. Publisher. Metamorfosis De Monumentos Y Teorias De La Restauracion Pasta blanda – Anton Capitel ALIANZA ED JP Libros de Segunda Mano – Bellas artes, ocio y coleccionismo – Arquitectura: Antón capitel: metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración (alianza .

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Also it competed Helena Iglesias and also lost.

Mis memorias de la Escuela de Arquitectura | Antón Capitel

It carried very bad that the other put slides. The failure of Correa spoilt it everything, and Moneo, although fellow of them, appeared there in half as little less than an intruder. It finished us hurting the belly of as much as laughed us.

The most symbolic was the one to remove the big plate of benefactores of the library of the big front where was to carry it to the previous corridor, where remained fatal, and with the object to do a taquilla of attention to ask books from the hall of the library. It was a big architect, as his work tests, although perhaps it was too intelligent to be architect, as de la Sota —his big rival, deep down- said.

With the state of exception to some of the red known of the School the desterraron to his village. Carlos Sambricio took out the subject of Harvard and Moneo, without any doubt to see that it said Alba. I said it to him to Moya, that seemed him very exaggerated, but put to my disposal the archive of his study, that then no longer worked; hardly it was there. I did not know that do, so I called to Javier Ortega and asked him the favour that it helped me to carry it in my own car.

My father said me that it did not concern me, because like this it went it to happen better and to learn to draw for real. As I said, our course, played a quite important paper in that barullo. Fullaondo, very bajito, but that heardsaid him: Maybe they went students scholars that went some time.

It explained me that with the work of the Ministry did not give already for more, and that it had to refuse the commissions. Almost all the world did the drawing of statue taking a lot of measures and using plummet.


To a lot of people seemed him fantastic, but to me seemed me very limited and very soberbio, as if they capite to give him the chair simply by his work, as he expected. We go out together that summer and afterwards was mine student.


It did not suffice us that they were modern the professors. Precisely to the following year, in the coursehad to Juan Daniel Fullaondo Errazu, the director of the magazine, that was the attach of Javier Carvajal Ferrer, chair of Projects I, in third course, the first that metamlrfosis it of between the modern.

The truth is that I found them immediately, all carefully banked, and without signing, of course, by the professors, that not even knew them. So we do not go us to understand! Almost always sonriente and of pleasant appearance, treated us of you, as I already said, but by the name of battery, to measure that went it cpitel.

Or it was, very well; I, create honestly, that better, and followed having better curriculum and better investigation. It remained quite well; still today, that there follows, look it with some satisfaction. One of the first years did a trip to Barcelona caapitel the students. I was not able to go in to the metamoefosis of the others, but neither to go me of the School.

We remain us all note. Neither to the pensionados interested them these things, neither much less to gift Paco, that would see them with bad consciousness and would not know that say, so they did not do us neither case.

I think cwpitel it put also remarkable to Errazquin, that was a Basque that appeared and disappeared. This had to metamorfossi to I asked it, they gave it to me, and followed giving class in Elements, although I helped also on time to Julio.

Pepe Yuste said that afterwards it went us to put 12 churches in heaved. It admitted that they altered the logical order so that Moneo had to conform with this square. It was not that one was losing …. It did some short and lucky comments. This was to the red communist, and to which were identified like activists against the diet.

Sure enough I approved by course. When it spoke of an alternative drew it also at the side. The examinations of Analysis of Forms, in June, September or February, began with a strong dose of sadism, as they did not say you that you had first and what afterwards, and had to carry all the material, of stain, of wash and the other, included two boards, expect in the corridor to see if they called you to go in in a class, and go you to the another with all the inmensidad of the trastos if they did not call you.


I encouraged me by desnatar metamorfossis exercises and explain them all the possible. It does not matter me, in fact I turned me into the expert rotulista for my friends and for me same.

They were plants and heaved and sections, but these were fugadas. It had also the marchamo to be then director of the Nueva Forma magazine, paid by Huarte, and that it capiyel in those times the most read magazine in the School, and that educated us to all.

In the presentation of the practical exercise there were a lot of people, was Moneo, and was also Manolo Marry that it had carried to Dionisio. Ibamos To all class of conferences, events and happenings, and devoured to Metanorfosis, Castilla of Pino and other then fashionable authors. I approved technical drawing in February.

Perhaps before beginning with this book, Moneo, that was fed up to have to speak all the while and a lot of days did not know that do, saw a day to Paco Alonso go through the corridor —left the open door- and called him so that it explained us something.

My memories of the School of Architecture | Antón Capitel

I happened to second coursethat consisted of Elements of Composition, History of the Art, Materials of Construction, Extension of Mathematics, Extension of Physics, Introduction to the Urbanismo, and another that forgets methink that of installations.

Metamorfisis was very argued and, finally, won Carlos. I had to ask the commission of service to D.

For the statue gave 3 or 4 sessions of three hours. But it heard him my professor, and said him: To him it did not owe him to seem badly that a professor explained what went out in the book of another —to me neither, if it had quoted it- and said me: As we did not know that do and bored us a lot the method of the partial plan current, did a big Unit of Room, in which it fit all the world, and on metamorfosix park. The true is that it was a glorious professor and that learnt to judge your drawing with a lot of efficiency, arriving even to know what was badly although you did not know like correcting it.

It practised a luck of gastronomic criticism: