Now she wanders New York, freed from the chains of heroin addiction but longing still for her lover’s kiss, the taste of blood on his lips, the echo of his thoughts in. Christopher Buecheler. Series By Christopher Buecheler; Books By Christopher Buecheler. Most Popular Books Blood Hunt: Part 2 of the II AM Trilogy. #2. BLOOD HUNT CHRISTOPHER BUECHELER PDF – Read “Blood Hunt” by Christopher Buecheler with Rakuten Kobo. Two Majors cut off the vampire Abraham’s.

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This is where my second love in uunt book comes in– vampire politics. Now, she too has returned to humanity and struggles to come to terms with all that has happened. I should probably touch on the romances. Still, all of this is nothing I loved this book. Her parents’ love smothers her and life seems empty.

How will I ever be able to wait for the third book??? The Blood That Bonds. Untitled Series Book 1 Status: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Thank you Chris for another book well done!! This brought you a lot closer to the main characters and help you understand a bit more of where they were coming from.

Morgan Skylark was supposed to die, and someone out there knows it. Gunfire, screams, and a strange singing echo in the streets, and grim horror awaits her as she journeys out into the bloor, chaotic world that she used to know. Dec 18, Wendy coling trowbridge rated it it was amazing Shelves: I almost hate Two for what she did to Naoimi, and then it almost felt like she didn’t have any It took me forever to actually get into the book. Instead, she found within herself an inexplicable ability to focus to the point that time seems to slow.


I will definitely be reading the third The Children of the Sun When the Children of the Sun, the militaristic cult cchristopher vampire hunters, strike at a trio of vampires visiting Chicago, the peace is shattered … [ more ].


The little anarchist in me was thrilled that there were dissidents– I was mildly sympathetic to the plight of the Burilgi, but per usual, their leader is batshit crazy but hey, that’s way of bolod, no?

To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. This book was okay I felt like it was all over the place.

Writing I’ve been writing since I was eleven. Long-suffering Two was back, and this time we learn more about her through chrisgopher vampire world— and the friends she has tried to buechelsr behind.

Tori is understandably emotionally vacant and physically, too, I might add throughout Blood Hunt, but I’m going to need a whole lot more from her character to hold my interest in the next book.

Blood Hunt (II AM Trilogy, #2) by Christopher Buecheler

It distracted me to the point where I didn’t want to ‘leave’ the other characters to focus on her. Haven’t we seen the wimpy, clingy female vampire before? This one was a little too long, and though it was not boring in anyway and I didn’t mind reading it, it could have been cut down a bit. Now, she too has returned to humanity, and struggles to come to terms with bueche,er that has happened.

First Draft Started The Werewolf at the Window When the werewolf broke down her bueceler door and killed her parents, thirteen year-old Morgan Skylark was supposed to die, too.


Two and Tori have been rescued from the grip of the elder Abraham, but they have lost much in the process — Two lost the man she loved, and Tori years of her life.


I almost hate Two for what she did to Naoimi, and then it almost felt like she didn’t have any remorse about it.

Tori Perrault spent a dozen years living in the woods, stalking her prey in the dark and killing without mercy. We still feel Two’s despair from losing Thereon in the first novel, and I hubt my self rooting for her to nuecheler new love and move along.

I love this series. Buecheler does a fine job with this sophomore effort. I got the first book in the series for free. II AM Trilogy Book 3 Pulse When Raine pulls herself from unconsciousness and rises up off the cold marble floor of the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia, she finds that her city has been transformed as she slept.

The Broken God Machine Pehr is sixteen, strong and fit, about to take the Hunter’s Test and become a buecheldr when a horde of vile beast-men known as the Lagos descend upon his village. I will be impatiently waiting for the third and final book in the Trilogy. Left me wanting more. As far as other characters are concerned– we’ve buecheldr the human-despising vampire female before, but I really admired Sasha, here, and want more of her.

In this case, it’s all in the characters. You know that feeling, when something bad-no not bad, life-shattering happens in a book hello Theroen is dead christophee you feel like boarding a plane to the authors doorstep, kicking his ass and demand for him to just FIX it?