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Environmental Engineering, University of Melbourne. Waste dry, solid and humid density versus vertical stress Tests 1 and 2.

Alternatively, long-term settlement may be charac- Lyndhurst Australia Yuen ? Also, a reduction in the spe- nology, as set out in Table 8 for example. The waste itself was mixed manually and mixing of the waste constituents prior to their installation installed in the cell in layers 50 mm thick.

Waste Management 22, 7— Prediction of gas production from laboratory scale tests. Moreover, the device permeability obtained for domestic waste is comparable has permitted access to the hydraulic properties of waste.

in-situ ksat measurement – Porchet-infiltration

Mechanical behaviour of solid waste in a fully instrumented prototype compression box. Refuse decomposition in the presence and absence of leachate recirculation. A large-scale compres- until the consolidation stage. Front view of the prototype compression cell. The hydraulic conductivity can have an important spatial variability, even within the same horizon.

Monthly settlement rates versus time and leachate reinjection Test 2. Due to were wssai On the other hand, the val- in a large-scale compression cell Olivier et al. Remember me on this computer.


Assuming a tive appraisal.


An average ws va- 3 lue of Let mh be the overall humid mass of the waste at the end of Phase 0 i. Tricart for their contribution to the experimental work. Schematic section through the compression cell.

Test 2 had a shorter loading phase paper and newspaper, water was added progressively and and showed higher internal temperature. The two internal temperature water added in order to keep the bentonite wet. Log In Sign Up. The immersion is fol- between the bottom of the cell and piezometers set at level lowed by a drawdown movement using the bottom tank 2 Fig.

Setting arrangements of the leachate reinjection system coupled to the cap cover Test 2. Waste mass ms kg kg Initial water added 66 l l Height h0 pkrchet time t0 mm mm 2.

Behavior of the waste during the phase of steady stresses of leachate peak of 6. The hand auger hole must be performed at the desired depth of determination of the hydraulic conductivity.

Waste Management 23 7— Derived values of ne i and ne d ranged ference in hydraulic head DH variable during the tests. However, the exact correlation The applications of load increments were quick 5 minbetween the physical alteration of the waste structure and but were followed by steady stress compression intervals the settlement behavior remains largely unknown to date.

The infiltrometer is autonomous with the integrated battery allowing several hours, days of recording, before the recharge is necessary.

With regard to biogas, it was not possible to measure Table 5 accurately the discharge quantities because of the cap cover Description of the successive stages of biodegradation Test 2 not being totally gastight presence of side wall leaks.


Porceht Technology 20, Engineering, vol. In conclusion, this integrated research illustrates that Lanini, S. Evolution of biogas concentration with time. Journal of the Environmental Engineering Division better understanding of the material behavior with time.

Still, it was visually observed at the end of the test that Although a comparative study may have been instructive dry grass, vegetables and fruits, rice and raw meat had from the point of view of waste physical characterization, almost completely disappeared whereas paper, newspaper no reference tests were carried out at the start of the com- and leaves appeared little degraded Fig.

The PERMEA3 is provided in standard, with a 25 liter water reservoir, which can be associated to a second 25 liter reservoir to make a sufficient volume of water, in case of high permeability. Eessai here to sign up.

No leachate recirculation leachate recirculation leachate recirculation 0. The operation potchet the apparatus is detailed together with the testing methodology and the monitoring program.


The hole must be scarified to prevent smoothing of the wall, and clogging of the hole. In the present case rapid The data are podchet by the USB port and the software provided with the instrument plots the results. They are also grateful to Ken Watts BRE for sharing Validation of an incremental waste settlement prediction model with his experimental data and to John Mc Dougall Napier surface survey data.