It is pleasure and honorable act for me to write this internship report on Faysal Bank Limited Gala Mandi Hoornaabad branch. I am pleased to. Faysal bank (Distribution Branch) Internship Report Submitted To: Human Resource Department Submitted By: Fahad Khalid. About Faysal Bank Limited: Faysal Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 3rd, INVESTMENTCERTIFICATE: Barkat Investment.

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Faysal Bank Internship Report Omer

Profit is calculated on monthly average balance. Cheques clearance is separated section where all the cheques are checked and the authorized officer verifies balance of each account holder. Why Break the Locker: The customer directly receives the money from the bank.

All the branches of Faysal Bank are equipped to speedily attend incoming financing requests from SMEs. If the customer wants to deposit in his account then he fill the deposit slip.

Faysal Savings Faysal Savings is specially designed to cater to your hard earned savings. Rozana Munafa Plus Account Rozana Munafa Plus is a savings account in which profit is calculated on day end balance, and is disbursed on a monthly basis. In the internship I found a internahip of positive change in my attitude learning behavior. Tiered profit structure providing an incentive to save more.

The isthmus bank is the ultimate hobbling company of the Faysal bank. It indicates the amount of stockholders equity that relates internsihp each share of outstanding common stock. From the financial analysis of bank it has concluded that as in a condition of economic recession, other banks are fulfilling their cost but the FBL is still enjoying profit.


Perquisites and Allowances The number of allowance and perquisite for the employees should be increased to ensure that they put their body and soul in the jobs assigned to internxhip.

Faysal bank is giving the special attention to the advertising.

Local remittances are transfer of fund which in the country. On line banking and ATMs are also launched in the Faysal bank. To each other, we are a family. Electronic Media Faysal bank ia also spending the huge amount by advertising on the electronic media. The Bank has 37 conveniently maintained relationships with major banks in the international financial market and continues to develop new ones wherever needed.

Every employee caysal responsible for his own operations and no bajk exists among departments. The documents required for these accounts are: A high leverage indicates a higher level of risk compared to a low leverage figure. Cash receipt counter Cash payment counter. The sad part is that our industrial base isn’t growing bbank industrial demand for credit is, therefore, low.

Internship reports

Making payment to the customer against their cheques or the other payment instrument. Faysal Premium Faysal Premium is a savings account specially designed for high value deposits with attractive profit rates having the following inernship. Smaller the ratio better the performance Overhead Burden ratio Overhead Burden RatioYear Overhead Burden Ratio Free access to account through online banking at all Faysal Bank branches countrywide.


Together, we aim for excellence and leadership in our chosen markets. So because of this rapid change in time and era we have to cope with it.

It also compare with market price per share.

The better insurance Co well pay the customer more insurance claims. Our cutting edge is the in-time advice and execution of deals for our customers. The salaries of the employees are very attractive as compare to the other banks. Short Term Liquidity Analysis: Pay order is payable in only that branch from where it is issued while DD is payable in any branch of FBL.

If the customer is elevate and use thumb impression use lead of signature. The location and lay out of the Faysal bank is up to the mark, but it needs more new technology to complete with its competitor like Faysal bank.

Faysal bank is also offering consumer product which is Faysal finance.