The Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is a main component of the GPRS network. The GGSN is responsible for the interworking between the GPRS. Single IP Cisco GGSN Usage Notes and Prerequisites Configuring Support for GGSN-Initiated Update PDP Context Requests Gprs tutorial. by packet paging to notify the GPRS 17 The GPRS access modes specify whether or not the GGSN requests user authentication.

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For the CSD case, NAS telephone numbers, as well any conditions associated with user sessions termination upon idle timeouts.

This can lead to a number of problems related to bringing up the radio links even when no useful data needs to be transmitted. With Reverse DNS lookup it is also possible to retrieve additional information and identify the current provider or determine geographic location tuorial.

In the opposite direction, packet data from the mobile is routed to the right tytorial network by the GGSN. In principle, an operator may tune the GTP timers and retransmission attempts for create PDP context requests to allow for the latency associated to “IP with Protocol Configuration Options” in setting up tunnels, but this is not a generally safe measure and also does not offer sufficient guarantees to provide vgsn service also when the user is roaming to networks that do not adopt the same tuning of GTP parameters.

Therefore, it may happen that this would negatively impact the radio resources usage and make the bill for the user gtsn more expensive.

This capability can also be used to support Mobile VPN services. Each access point is identified via a logical name, or the access point name APN.

In addition, it carries two other very important pieces of information: Another possible application of this network access mode is end-to-end VPNsā€”that is, client-based remote network access. The home operator may always define classes of users that can be offered roaming service by VPMNs by defining barring information on all or a subset of the services available in a VPMN.

Password management criteria for L2TP tunnels should also be included. Within this security-parameters-related section of the SLA, the handling of subscriber profiles and data should be described. To work around this problem one might choose to enforce the usage of a specific DNS server by redirecting all DNS traffic via iptables:. Notice the IPMasquerade option on both interfaces. The availability and support commitments agreed in the SLA can be expressed in terms of mean time tutofial failure MTBFmean time to repair MTTRand reachability of technical support or availability of spare parts to replace failed parts.


In this tuutorial the network has no control over them, nor can it act as a proxy to avoid inefficient usage of radio resources.

GPRS Network Architecture Tutorial

Along with the packet data transport the GSM network accommodates multiple users to share the same air interface resources concurrently.

However, after trying to understand the standards in detail, we are left with many questions and doubts, which often spark lengthy debates on what is transparent and what is not. Networks entering into a roaming agreement need to specify what services the roamers are entitled to receive tutirial in visitor mode, and also have to agree to rules governing the ways such services might be denied.

These mobile stations are backward compatible for making voice calls using GSM. All the databases involved in the network will require software upgrades to handle the new call models and functions introduced by GPRS. PPP terminated at the GGSN access method offers the benefits of the PPP protocol-based host configuration and authentication in addition to a very flexible network access paradigm allowing for an array of advanced IP services.

Right-click on a UDP port packet to open the context menu Decode as The GGSN sits between the wireless network and the wireline data networks that interface with it. All IMSIs will be accepted. The type of subscriber authentication information that can be requested in order to obtain troubleshooting and support or benefit from customer care services must be included, and the handling of such data, that is confidentiality and privacy matters, must be spelled out.

As a part of the roaming agreement, the way the GTP signaling integrity is guaranteed may be subject to negotiation and definition. Only remote subscription data will be used.

OpenBSC GPRS – Cellular Network Infrastructure – Open Source Mobile Communications

It also allows for the use of advanced authentication algorithms that will be developed over time, such as smart cards and biometrics, that cannot reuse existing authentication methods such as PAP and CHAP as authentication information tutorjal method. Tutoriaal few exceptions are:.

In this book we won’t describe the details of CS voice capability, except for the need for users to have a list of phone numbers available in visited networks that would allow them not to dial back to access numbers in the home network. Which encryption and message header authentication algorithms are expected to be used. Having said this, the solution might address ggsb current shortage of PPP-capable GPRS terminal implementations that is affecting the industry, while still allowing the service flexibility offered by the other approach.


It should be noted that WAP services access in roaming conditions could be made far more efficient and cost-effective if carriers ttutorial POPs around the world by defining a phone list users could use as they dial from around the world. So it is important that both the service provider and the customer can perceive it as a useful tool for their interaction, service definition, and implementation.

GPRS – PDP Context

Broadcast technology Embedded Design principles Distribution Formulae. This allows for the evolution of the authentication protocols used without the need of changing the NAS and AAA infrastructure.

If your situation differs – adjust accordingly using https: One of the key elements for any network operator is the cost of capital expenditure capex to buy and establish a network. Tutoial Mobile devices Mobile vpn. What is mostly of interest here is: The configuration of the GTP link. Ggzn solution for that ggen to put several IP aliases on the same network interface or use the loopback interface. Other specifications the SLA may include are: For cases that rely strictly on the HLR subscription data for user authentication, integrity protection of GTP signaling from the visited SGSN to the home GGSN is required, so that the Selection Mode IE cannot be altered and therefore is expected to be valid, since it is generated by a visited network that has a trust relationship with the home network.

But we will show that in Simple IP access mode external servers can be used, and the GGSN can still participate in user authentication. The remote network access will be obtained using encapsulations methods allowed by Mobile IP, or by using the link layer and tunneling technologies defined for Simple IP when DCHP is configured.

From this it can be seen that it is very similar to the more basic GSM network architecture, but with additional elements. This was believed to be the best option because IREG members assumed that coordinating the use of a private address space between operators would be unpractical.

The greatest limitation of this access mode is in its trust model, which implies the external network to fully rely on the wireless network to provide user authentication.