Lukács, in his central text of History and Class Consciousness, and its central essay “Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat,” in particular, points . This book reads Georg Lukács’s History and Class Consciousness through the drafts of his unfinished philosophy of art (the so-called “Heidelberg Aesthetics”). Keywords: Lukács; Heidegger; Authenticity; Reification; Ontology. 1. Lukács on reification and Marxian alienation. Engels invented classical Marxism in Ludwig.

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Philosophy resembles art in that the tools and materials have their own logic. It has often been pointed out-in these pages and elsewhere-that the problem that forms the ultimate barrier to the economic thought of the bourgeoisie is the crisis.

Reification (Marxism)

Only by understanding this can we obtain a clear insight into the ideological problems of capitalism reificatoin its downfall. It is in particular the constitutional state that he pins his hopes on, in order to limit the colonialist tendencies of market money and power, and to curtail the total mediatization of the living world, along with the tools of an enlightened public and communicative reason.

It is rather something that becomes all the more apparent the more science has advanced and the more consistently it functions riefication the point of view of its own premises.

This video originally appeared on the website of Heathwood Institute and Press. Inhe married the Russian political activist and convicted terrorist Jelena Grabenko. Rather, they argue that the social subject must take over all the same powers that individual subjects enjoyed in the old philosophy. Riefication finally points towards the ethical dimension of the Ontology.

Thus arose a whole tradition of interpretation according to which relfication later Marx abandoned philosophy as a youthful error.

Lukacs’ Theory of Reification

Articles containing German-language text. It must suffice to point out that modern capitalism does not content itself with transforming the relations of production in accordance with its own needs. But at the same time, form is necessary for life to reificaion intelligible and unified see Bernstein Even thinkers who have no desire to deny or obscure its existence and who are more or less clear in their own minds about its humanly destructive consequences remain on the surface and make no attempt to advance beyond reificatlon objectively most derivative forms, the forms furthest from the real life-process of capitalism, i.


Especially in domains that are removed from economic imperatives, such as art, the totalitarian strain of capitalism becomes evident. The revolutionary bourgeois class refused to admit that a legal relationship had a valid foundation merely because it existed in fact. This gives birth, in the shape of a philosophy of law to an impoverished and formalistic re-edition of natural law Stammler. Individuals in ancient Greece only had to accept the totality of meaning within their world, even if they were, in some particular situation or another, unable to understand it.

While we may currently enjoy the status of a legal subject in working life, 49 we are far removed from living autonomous subjectivity in the context of work.

Like science and ethics, art breaks with the immediacy of our everyday practical engagements that dominates the more common forms of reflection GW Merlin, see part I in GW Of course, this isolation and fragmentation is only apparent.

This understanding of institutions entails that politics, as llukacs form of action directed towards the social totality as a whole, must treat this totality, on the one hand, as being lukaacs on natural and biological facts that limit its potential transformations and, on the other hand, as increasingly being determined by laws of its own GW This implies that objects are transformed into subjects and subjects are turned into objects, with the result that subjects are rendered passive or determined, while objects are rendered as the active, determining factor.

Likewise with the machine.

Lukacs’ Theory of Reification

It is evident that the philosophy of bourgeois society is incapable of this. The formal act of exchange which constitutes the basic fact for the theory of marginal utility likewise suppresses use-value as use-value and establishes a relation of concrete equality between concretely unequal and indeed incomparable objects.

He—and this, one will need to bear in mind during the following remarks—considers his studies in dialectics and their practical intentions about reification as a fresh impulse and as a large-scale research project. A social subject cannot be purified of materiality since it is only through material ties of one sort or another that it can form from out of the relations of the individuals who make it up. It is an expression that has already been stressed, by the nonlinear intellectual biography of its author and the many sources from which his thinking draws, and at the same time a product of contemporary academic life with its peculiar rules.


It must be noted very clearly that reification is not normal, not a social-ontological fate [ fatum ].

But for this the question of class would have to begin lukads the machine. Continued exchange and more regular reproduction for exchange reduces this arbitrariness more and more. But a radical change in outlook is not feasible on the soil of bourgeois society.

Socialism portal Communism portal Karl Marx portal Philosophy portal. In Marxismreification German: The capitalist process of rationalisation based on private economic calculation requires that every manifestation of life shall exhibit this very interaction between reigication which are subject to laws and a totality ruled by chance.

They not only dismiss the agency reifivation the individual, they argue that subjectivity can no longer be identified with a version of the Cartesian cogito or transcendental ego. Reufication must be emphasised that this inability to penetrate to the real material substratum of science is not the fault of individuals. In each society, the ruling class legitimizes its own dominance with reference to certain valuations Wertungen. It is only a definite social relation between men that assumes, in their eyes, the fantastic form of a relation between things.

This phenomenon can be seen at its most grotesque in journalism.