Como pode se perceber, meus blogposts recentes foram sobre a falta de água e o livro Luna Clara & Apolo Onze. Isso é um glossário para os. The Architectonics of Luna Clara e Apolo Onze: a Metalinguistic Reflection how, from the foundations of dialogical discourse analysis, and from a preliminary. Tudo se passa na Região de Desatino. Esta é a história de Luna Clara e Apolo Onze, mas é também a história de Doravante e Aventura, de Leuconíquio e.

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Thus, thanks to what was configured as a weakness or a risky assumption, the potential of what could be effectively explored in Luna Clara e Apolo Onze was unveiled: It is not difficult to perceive the other’s voice in the author’s speech.

This initial perception found a way to exist officially in Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poeticswhich became the main theoretical ally for our study, prompting the hypothesis of a polyphonic phenomenon in Luna Clara e Apolo Onze. No one else can be in charge of my position and fulfill it, and that is why there is no alibi for me not to think and not to be in charge for what I think.

It is deemed pertinent to emphasize this characteristic, because it is extremely remarkable from the beginning to the end of the narrative. The second one aims at verifying the strategies employed by the author to establish dialogues with the reader and the characters. In this sense, it was as if aesthetics constituted the research method itself, although it was known that it offers a guide line more than a methodology.

Notes and Verb Usage.

Books by Adriana Falcão

The hypothesis was that these voices enlivened fully valid consciences 5. The architectonics of Luna Clara e Apolo Onze: Implicitly, therefore, the seven sisters allude to aspects such as inter-relatedness and interdependence in verbal and nonverbal discourse and in the I-other relationship always present in them.

We would dare to suggest the same is true in the relationship between author and reader – as the latter is taken into account by the former. Regarding the Dialogue Focused on the Reader. The characters materialize their signatures through this difference, which implies not “to refrain, not to subtract from what its unique place allows you to see and think. There is a onzs aspect in the relationship among the Old Ladies lnua the story.

Thus, in the relationships among characters, the discursive marks, the actions that enliven them also accompany this change, becoming indicators of the instability, the subjectivity which is revealed in a continuous centrifuge flow.

This is quite suitable here, since “there is no sense without difference, the arena of confrontation, of dialogic interaction, and as there is no discourse without other discourses, there is no I without the other, or other without I” SOBRAL,p. In a way, there is a perceived distinction even among the voices that relate directly to the plot.


Aurora Fornoni Bernadini et al.

Mercado das Letras,p. Therefore, to the extent that they refer to other senses, the punctuation and the words in the note provide the encounters and separations among characters. The fragmentation of the chapters in Luna Clara e ApoloOnze is a compositional feature which the clarq uses recurrently and creatively to attract the readers. With her words, the author needs to add luba mixed character, able when necessary to reproduce the style and expressions of the transmitted text” BAKHTIN, aoplo, p.

The work was considered as being done in the light of polyphony because polyphony was the root of the study in order to support and reflect on the foundations of Bakhtin’s aesthetic design, “resulting from a process that seeks to represent the world in terms of the exotopic authorial action, which is based on the social and historical context, on the social relationships the author participates in” SOBRAL, b, p.

Moreover, “the atmosphere of gambling is an atmosphere of sudden and quick changes of fate, of instantaneous rises and falls” BAKHTIN,p. As it aoolo known, the Bakhtin Circle has not left any theories or strict concepts, but foundations, principles, reflections that integratedand interrelated constitute what is called the Bakhtinian thought.

It seems that the old ladies are architects of fate that govern everything and everyone in the story. In this dialectical-dialogical discovery process, “from the point of view of polyphony” could not be forgotten. How to cite this article. What disappears is the equipollence and wpolo validity.

Books by Adriana Falcão (Author of Luna Clara & Apolo Onze)

In the very moment shown here, it is clear, also, through discursive marks,that he went through transformation: As the analytical process progressed, the hypothesis of polyphony, apoloo as it was envisioned by Bakhtin, was not solidified.

Another significant example ofoppositional compositionis the front and back covers of claar book. The analysis centers now around the so-called convergent relationships ; they are thus called to refer to those interactions in ulna one can highlight the communion of voices attractive to one another, converging to the reflection of the other not in an oppositional way, but as the one who reaffirms, complements the subjectivity of an “I” and, under this new light of emphases, similarities, complementaritiesalso reveals the intersubjectivity involved there.

The following account should be considered: Here is the relevance of the others and the interactions among them for subjects’ intersubjectivity, and we certainly may include here every possible transformation phenomenon. We thought that with the data collected from these three questions, it would be possible to characterize the authorial architectonics, as they cover the intrigue, the description per sew composition of the characters, the representation of their voices, the way the author addresses the presumed reader, that is, her own way of actualizing her aesthetic enunciative project.


Realmente, Doravante foi um sujeito muito sortudo. Filosofias e filosofia em Bakhtin. It can be seen that, in the novel, the character is presented in an unquestionably dynamic intersubjective process, since he constitutes himself by means of dialogue and interaction, not in isolation, something which is validated lnua Zavala, to propose that we should “interpret the person not only as an identity, but as otherness as well aoplo It is clear that the concept of architectonics involves “dialectically, form, content and material in their interdependence, [which makes] impossible for one to ‘live’ without the others in the work [ In this sense, claga is confirmed that “The fundamental condition, that which makes a novel a novel, that which is responsible for its stylistic uniqueness, is the speaking person and his discourse emphasis in original ” BAKHTIN,p.

At first the assumption one the other characters is that there was only one Old Lady living in the old house situated in the Valley of Doom Furthermore, the author also uses a cinematographic language. It is in the fragmentation itself, then, that the reiteration as a dialectical-dialogical strategyis implicated, perhaps as an author’s discursive mark, because the impression is that she, throughout the narrative, “moves through repetition” AMORIM,p.

From the first contact with the book, it was impressive to see the multiplicity of social voices created and made to interact by the author. Received March 04, Accepted September 16, Even in this case they are an authorial alter ego.

Services on Demand Journal. By reiterating an noze, there is always some unheard element in the enunciation. The dialogical conception of language calls together heterogeneous multitudes of views, voices, consciousnesses, as determinants of and constituents for the reading process, which includes, hence, the whole ethical and aesthetical deeds of human experience. In this sense, the architectonics in Luna Clara e Apolo Onze seems to facilitate the use of ‘all the ulna of linguistics to understand, on the one hand, the technique of the poet’ creation on the basis of a correct understanding of the place of material in artistic creation, and, on the other hand, and the distinctiveness of the aesthetic object clar in original ” BAKHTIN,p.

Luna Clara e Apolo Onze.