A new printing of Steven Youell’s lecture notes, originally from * The Card Trick That The Hacker Stack A new idea in memorized stack work. Powerful. is this still available from Steven Youell? For a while, the “Hacker Stack” was offered as a free download, but that offer has long since been. Originally Posted by Steven Youell I use Si Stebbins as a Called it the Hacker Stack and published around 15 years ago. So you shuffle into.

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Test me in this. Therefore your quoted statement is factually incorrect. Most beginning texts discuss palming coins, but it’s palming cards that quickly becomes a killer tool in the hands of the professional closeup magician. I have corresponded with Mr. I have studied with some of the best mentors in the field over many years and still continue to invest in mentorship for which I sometimes travel hundreds of miles.

Here’s what you wrote: So Youell hackdr still at it. And, I’m fond of the ten card poker deal and it’s right there in the stack for me when I want it. D I was stupid to try and reason with such a person.

I hope the recording survived. You have repeatedly stated that the Cafe is not an accurate historical record. They can be verified. That’s why I offered each and every member a pro-rated refund. It will take time and indeed a very magical and visual transformation to re-establish trust with those affected.

A while back I saw a thread where someone said “don’t run when you’re not being chased” I just packaged up my new effect, and it will go out to Steven today. Coming from a cafe moderator with years of experience with the situation, I would consider that’s pretty substantial evidence you are treated ‘differently’ to say the least.


I’ve got a deck set up as Si Stebbins and it’s always in my pocket.

Loomis– you “pick a nit” every time I’ve brought nacker this stack, so I’m used to it. As to The Compendium– it was a complete failure and it was my fault.

There’s a ten card block of cards which allows you to do the venerable 10 card poker deal. So all you have to do is ask around to verify what I said was true. Amgic, he has this almost funny ability to take card controls that are best left invisible and give them screaming tells.

Still, you could set up your stack in a manner that allows you to faro to other tricks. Nov 1, I do not like you.

I’m curious, and I have a question for those of you who comment on this blog. Alan personally said the same thing to me while we were discussing “The Hacker Stack”– and he really liked the ideas behind it.

You have stated repeatedly in public that I have special privileges at the Cafe, including the ability to edit. Even though it has been on the market for quite some time, I am pleased to add, to my list of yyouell, the three-volume set Michael Finney Live at Lake Tahoe!

Thank you Rudy for organizing this lecture and to Steven for sharing some great material including the displacement from the “Non Working Self Working Card Trick” and also the info on the Hacker Stack. You had no reason to treat me the way you have. Youell couldn’t hold his own pee-pee compared to Roberto Giobbi.

What is the best stacked deck to memorize : Miscellaneous – Page 2

He could be the best magician on the planet, he’s still a graceless jerk. Quite frankly, he’s not just the elephant in the room, he’s actually sitting on people. I could post the proof of that here as well, if you like. So you shuffle into the Si stebbins stack from new deck order, that must of took some practice?


He’s at it again as I write this. You report a post like that as “flaming” when it contains an apology, an attempt to explain my tone, and an attempt to get back on topic. Wonderful routines are possible with this vanish. Will it make you feel better if I apologize to you here, with no reservations? And the reason I don’t know about those other stacks is because I know I won’t change.

I thank Steven for the lecture.

Exposing this farce of a fair community will probably draw you a considerable following. I don’t see how any two of those statements could possibly be considered mutually exclusive. Jack Carpenter confirmed it happened. The citation is much appreciated. Well, mine are even worse! I don’t know how much of Steven’s stuff has been made available at Lybrary.

I thank you for the heavy lifting. The rule is that the value of each card in the stack increases by 3. After you posted your message on The Cafe, I contacted several people that were Compendium members stck make certain that the answer I gave you on the Cafe is accurate.

Simon Scott If the spectator doesn’t engage in the effect, then the only thing left is the method. I do, however, generally get annoyed if I think that people aren’t putting much effort into their rebuttals, and are only sounding their disagreement for the sake of stefen.

I do not suggest attempting to learn some of the more difficult palms from this dvd alone, for a couple of reasons. With any non-rote memorized stack approach, you are faced with a two-step process: Steven is back on now.